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Familiar Person
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Alzheimer’s Disease
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Colour Processing Disorders

Object Recognition and
Spatial Processing Disorders.
Tachistoscopic Studies
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Cognitive Disorders
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The largest space in this scientific account is devoted to HS’ scientific production which is listed in detail. Most important papers are marked with an asterisk. The most part of the listed papers belongs to clinical and experimental neuropsychology. The few purely neurological and internistic papers of the first steps of HS’ carrier  will not be considered herein.

The neuropsychological papers (for full texts, see PsycInfo or Pubmed) refer to group studies in healthy people and brain-damaged patients and single-case reports, the former being hallmarked by accurate statistical analyses and newly devised and standardised measuring tools. The papers of the last decade were more frequently devoted to single-case analyses. The variety of issues investigated reflect the eclectic approach of HS faced with the cases cropping up in the neurological ward.  Papers of the last decades reflect a tighter commitment with cognitive models. In many papers there is a great endeavour to disclose the historical contributions to the topic at issue.

Following a general agreement, backed into the feelings of the Sixties, authors are alphabetically listed in nearly all papers, specifying in the last years also the role played by each author.

In the following list, papers will be loosely lumped under neuropsychological headings. Papers of marginal interest and most chapters in books have been left out. Accordingly, only about 70% of the overall peer-reviewed papers are listed here.

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